A Letter to Our Customers

To Our Great Customers

Our Cates Family Farm 100% grass-fed and grass-finished Jersey and Angus beef is delicious and healthful aged lean beef, and higher in Omega 3 and CLA. Our farm runs on sunshine, fresh air and great customers! Our farm has been in the Cates Family for nearly 50 years, and has produced beef on its pastures for over 100 years.  Our beef is raised "free range" and without growth hormones or antibiotics.

When you buy our beef you are ‘voting’ for a sustainable- enduring - healthful food system and supporting WI agriculture.

Our beef has less excess fat than conventional feedlot-finished beef, and research is now showing that grass-fed beef and dairy products are significantly higher in naturally occurring compounds which help the body to prevent cancer and heart disease. Our beef is a delicious and healthy product. It is available as steaks, lean ground beef, and summer sausage.

Please visit our other pages for a quick photographic visit of our farm, family, cooking tips and recipes. You may request more information or order any of our products by telephone at 608-588-2836, e-mail at  richardlcates@gmail.com, or by US post (see our address at the top of the page). 

Our delicious beef is ready for your freezer! Look forward to hearing from you soon.
We feel we are offering healthy, delicious food raised in Wisconsin with care for the environment. We donate a portion of our proceeds to childhood cancer research, natural resource stewardship and citizen efforts to fight hunger in Wisconsin. We are always appreciative of your support, and hope that we may continue to bring you enjoyment with our healthy and delicious beef.

No CWD concerns with Cates Family Farm beef.
When you purchase Cates Family Farm beef, you are buying the best and safest in the market place. You are buying SOURCED Angus or Jersey beef, never fed ANY animal byproducts and never mixed at processing with other beef. You are buying lean, delicious healthy food high in CLA, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins B (complex) and E, and protein.

We look forward to hearing from you. Your comments are always welcome!


Dick and Kim Cates