Cates Family Farm

Cates Family Farm
Spring Green, Wisconsin

"A Commitment to Conservation"


We want to highlight our customers and those that support us, always. They have been invaluable to us and they are our family. Thank you, thank you! For those interested, we do sell our beef on the farm; please inquire about certain cuts or for larger orders (50# mixed packs, mixed quarters, etc). In the meantime, you can always find us at our many local vendors who are some of the greatest folks we know and we couldn’t do it without them.

Read what our customers have to say:

When we settled in Madison 20 years ago and were looking for a good source of beef that we felt good about feeding our family we had the wonderful fortune of having Cates Family Farm recommended to us.  Great beef, great folks who truly care. 
-Carol and Bill Rushmore

We insist on eating high-quality, grass-fed food from sustainable sources. For decades, Cates Family Farm has been a leader in food source sustainability. So when we want melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin, Cates is our provider of choice. 
-Sharon Stark and Peter Livingston

My wife, Charlene have gotten beef from the Cates’ farm for many years. We have always been completely happy with the meat and the service. We have gone to the farm for pick up as well as having Dick and Eric deliver to our house. We are delighted that Eric is taking over the business and we look forward to seeing him and the beef for a long time to come.
-Michael and Charlene McDermott

We have been Cates beef customers for more than 15 years because we want to know where our meat comes from.  We appreciate the sustainable way the Cates family raises their grass-fed herd, which means healthier cattle, healthier meat for us, and healthier farmland, as well as great-tasting beef. (For taste alone, I’ll never go back to supermarket beef!) The price is comparable to what you’d pay in a grocery store for quality beef, and it’s delivered directly to our freezer. Above and beyond the outstanding meat, we appreciate that the Cates family gives back to their customers and community by supporting conservation and education. Last but not least, we love the way they treat each customer as a personal friend. 
—The Hirsch & Anderson families

We have purchased beef from the Cates Family Farm for more than 25 years and have been delighted to work with their family.  They are leaders in sustainable grazing practices and we appreciate their honesty -- their integrity -- in producing food that is wonderful tasting!
Biermier Hanson family